Membership Benefits

All individual members in good standing of Badminton BC shall be entitled to a complete range of benefits and services including:

  1. If over 16 years of age, voting privileges at the Badminton BC Annual General Meeting;
  2. A volunteer Board of Directors, volunteer Standing Committees, volunteer Operational Committees, and dedicated full-time and part-time Staff;
  3. Eligibility to participate in Badminton BC Sanctioned Tournaments, Clinics, and Camps (players, coaches, and officials);
  4. Eligibility to participate in Badminton BC Coaching Courses and Officials Courses;
  5. Coverage through Badminton BC's accident and liability insurance program with portability provided for local, regional, and provincial events;
  6. Dedicated Badminton BC membership identification numbers and membership cards;
  7. Access to Badminton BC's informational and news website, Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram;
  8. An open line of communication with the Badminton BC office;
  9. Direct member email, phone, and mail communication;
  10. All editions of the Badminton BC newsletter Courtlines;
  11. Eligibility to access updated Ranking information;
  12. Access to online membership, tournament, and coaching course registration;
  13. Access to the External Sport Credits Program;
  14. Access to the Athlete Assistance Program;
  15. Eligibility to access available Grant and Scholarship programs;
  16. Preferential rental of Badminton BC’s portable courts;
  17. Enhanced sport development and sport tourism across the province in all BC Games Zones;
  18. Enhanced Media communication and attention;
  19. Profiling of Badminton BC Members;
  20. Partnership management with the Government of BC, Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, Sport and Recreation Branch, Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch, Team BC Programs, viaSport British Columbia, Sport BC, Canadian Sport Institute, PacificSport Centres, BC Games Society, BC Seniors Games Society, Coaches BC, and Badminton Canada;
  21. Liaison with municipal governments, municipal recreation and facilities departments, Provincial Sports Organizations, Provincial Badminton Organizations, National Badminton Organizations, International Badminton Organizations, Badminton BC Member Clubs, Action Schools BC, PACWEST, BC School Sports, High School Badminton Commission, Canadian Masters Badminton Association, Lower Mainland Badminton Association, Aboriginal Sport, Recreation & Physical Activity Partners Council, BC Sports Hall of Fame, Coaching Association of Canada, Badminton Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors, Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance, Kidsport Canada, Kidsport BC, MoreSports, BC Athlete Voice, SportMed BC, and Visual Reality (Tournament Software).