Operational Committees

During our recent governance transition, Badminton BC eliminated portfolio specific board positions (VP Competitions, VP Sport Development, VP Officials, etc.).  Operational portfolios are now under the direct managment of paid staff and contractors.

As a means to build capacity for Badminton BC, and support our paid staff in the planning and delivery of programs, we have created the following operational committees.  If you would like to communicate with or support any of these committees please email Executive Director - Phil Weier philw@badmintonbc.com until we have formalized each committee.

Click on the committee name to see their terms of reference.

Regional/Sport Development Committee

- Thushan De Silva (Staff Liaison).

Membership Committee

- Margriet Dogterom.

Performance Committee

- Thushan De Silva (Chair and Staff Liaison), Keith Anton, Phyllis Chan (Player Representative), Calvin Holoboff, Ram Nayyar, and Abdul Shaikh.

Competitions Committee

- Thushan De Silva (Chair and Staff Liaison), Julia Chen, Ram Nayyar, and Mary-Jo Randall.

Officials Committee

- Sital Shoker (Chair), Thushan De Silva (Staff Liaison), Ayaz Amlani, Rob Oldfield, and Noah Wang.

Coaches Committee

- Thushan De Silva (Staff Liaison) and Abdul Shaikh.

Judicial Committee

- Phil Weier (Staff Liaison).