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Badminton BC is the provincial sport organization responsible for developing and promoting the sport of Badminton in the Province of British Columbia. In partnership with Badminton Canada, we provide programs and services designed for the badminton enthusiast, competitive & recreational player, certified coach, and certified official. If you are a player, coach, or official wishing to take part in a Badminton BC tournaments, clinics, workshop, or camps, you must be a current member.

Badminton BC Club Membership

Badminton BC is a member based organization where players, coaches, officials, volunteers, supporters and other stakeholders are encouraged to affiliate with a club. Club Membership categories are exclusive to Badminton BC only while Individual Membership categories are integrated with the Badminton Canada national database.  

Clubs that do affiliate with Badminton BC:

  • normally offer recreational and/or competitive drop in programs or leagues for youth and adults
  • may also offer organized youth lessons, adult lessons and/or high-performance programs
  • may also have players receiving specific benefits like provincial and national ranking, scholarships, team selection financial support for training and competition expenses, CSIP Targeted Athlete/Coach list, will need to be affiliated with a club
  • may have to rent a local facility, to run their programs, which requires them to submit a Certificate of Insurance of $5,000,000 liability to the facility

Club Application Form

All clubs must apply for membership.  Dues are invoiced and membership fees will be invoiced and due annually on June 1st.  

On-line Application Link
Downloadable Application

Once Club affiliation has been approved, if requested, a Certificate of Insurance will be emailed to the Club Main Contact.  Clubs in turn will submit the Individual $5 Recreational Membership and information for each of their participants to ensure that each of their  members have specific individual insurance coverage.

Badminton BC Individual Membership Fee Structure & Badminton Canada Player Licenses

Please review carefully before proceeding with membership registration or renewal as the default is set for the National membership category.

Signing Up for the First Time: Instructions here

Direct Link: Renew Here


Your membership supports the association's efforts to promote and develop the sport of badminton in British Columbia and beyond. In value, here are just a few of the benefits you will receive:  

For a full list of membership benefits, visit the benefits overview!

The Badminton BC membership year is June 1  - May 31 annually. Badminton Canada player licences can also be purchased for the next season beginning at this time.

Membership ID Numbers

*Please note that as of June 1, 2017 Membership ID Numbers will no longer be published.

With the introduction of the Badminton Canada membership database in the summer of 2016, the information previously located on the website has been deemed redundant.  Within the new membership database, each individual Badminton BC member has 24/7/365 access to their own individual profile including their Member ID, Club Affiliation, Membership Type, as well as new information such as Tournament Entries and Rankings.

Individual Badminton BC Member login:

As a benefit of Badminton BC Individual Membership, each individual member of Badminton BC is assigned a lifetime Badminton BC Membership ID Number.  This Member ID takes the form of the alphanumeric BCxxxxx, which is capital letter B, followed by capital letter C, then followed by a 4 or 5 digit number (with no spaces or dashes in between any letters or numbers).

The BC at the beginning of the Membership ID indicates British Columbia, and the 4 or 5 digit number is based on when a member was initially assigned their Member ID by Badminton BC.

For any Badminton BC Membership inquiries, such as individuals gaining access to their individual member profiles, clubs wanting a list of Member ID's for their members, or individual Club Affiliation changes, please contact Badminton BC at 604-385-3595 or


Badminton BC was formed in February 1925. Since then, the association has actively worked towards promoting the sport, providing continuity in the programs and services for its members, and competitive and development opportunities for players, coaches, officials and volunteers throughout the province. 

Badminton BC Membership Development Support Grant

The Membership Development Support Grant (MDSG) has been established to initiate, promote and support activities of individual badminton clubs in strengthening the Society; support membership development growth at clubs and with Badminton BC; reward clubs that are involved with membership in Badminton BC; and act as an incentive for future membership recruitment with Badminton BC.

See the list of  Membership Development Support Grant Recipients here.

Learn more about this program by reading the MDSG full description document.

Any inquires regarding the MDSG program or membership can be forwarded to Badminton BC.