About Us

A New and Improved Badminton BC

Following two consultative surveys to our membership, Badminton BC has developed an all-encompassing Strategic Plan to define our organization and align it with the feedback provided by our members. The Board of Directors has adopted the following Vision, Mission, Values, and Mandate on behalf of Badminton BC:

Badminton BC: Leading BC to excellence and British Columbians to be active for life.

Badminton BC will provide clear leadership and assist and support the developmental advancement of the sport. Our leadership will span all developmental levels on a province-wide scale, addressing vital organizational issues including revenue stability, increased participation and stronger overall awareness of the role of Badminton BC.

Open Communication, Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, Respectfulness, Equitable Interactions.

Develop, promote and deliver Badminton programs within BC.

Society Background

Badminton BC was formed in February 1925 and ultimately organized the play of badminton in the province of British Columbia. Since then, the association has actively worked towards providing leadership and direction for the sport, continuity in the programs and services for its members, and competitive and development opportunities for players, coaches, officials and volunteers throughout the province. Badminton BC is a registered non-profit society incorporated under the Societies Act of British Columbia. As the provincial sport governing body, Badminton BC is managed by an elected volunteer Board of Directors.

Board of Directors and Standing Committees

A volunteer Board of Directors governs Badminton BC. They meet at least two times per year, including the Annual General Meeting. The Board of Directors performs the financial management, planning and decision-making for the Association through thier managment of the various standing committees.

Staff and Office

Badminton BC currently employs one full-time staff to manage the day to day operations and programming of the Society.

Operational Committees

Badminton BC staff are supported by various operational committees.

The difference between the Board of Directors and the Operational Committee is in the duties that the volunteer will be tasked with carrying out, thus the rationale for recruitment and nomination should also differ. For example, an individual who has a great deal of experience as a badminton player, coach, official, or volunteer will potentially make them a great candidate for a spot on one or more operational committees, but may not provide them with the skills necessary to contribute to the review of the societies finances or governance.